“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Zig Ziglar

Social Media

Review Your
Social Media Marketing

Choose between a surface or in-depth review of your brand’s performance on social media to find out your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Social Media
Marketing Strategy

Take Control of
Your Social Media

Take the guess work out of your social media publishing and have a social media marketing strategy and plan created for you to implement yourself or with your team.

Social Media

Grow Your Business With
Professional Social Media Marketing

Utilize outsourced marketing professionals that handle your social media strategy, content creation, and publishing to grow your business online.

Social media marketing requires a plan, consistency, and the willingness to adapt.

The social media landscape can be unpredictable (and sometimes so can your business), and our flexible involvement ensures that you are always in control of your investment.

We work with you through a range of services that are tailored to what your business needs and jump in at any step along the way or be there from start to finish.

A Look at the Social Media
Marketing Process

01. Evaluate

Before getting started with a marketing strategy, we need to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. This includes analyzing past & current marketing strategies as well as previous campaigns in order to see what has worked, hasn’t worked, and where we can improve.


02. Strategize

Now is the time to plan. We take a look at your goals and resources to develop a marketing strategy that works for your business. Having a plan in place ensures that your marketing investment is being used as efficiently as possible.

Depending on how we’re helping you, social media marketing strategies range from 1 month plans to 12 month plans.


03. Prep

Before we jump into executing you’re plan, we make sure everything is in place to begin. We set up any accounts that need to be active, obtain any tools required, and prep everything we need to get going.

04. Implement

Content creation, publishing, engagement—this is where you start to see things happening on the front end. Depending on how we’re collaborating, the responsibility of implementing your strategy might be ours, yours, or combined.


05. Monitor Performance

Social media marketing is not a one-and-done type of task. Once we begin to implement your plan, we carefully monitor progress. This ties in closely with your goals and items we established that are driving your overall strategy.

Leads, sales, website traffic, engagement—these are common performance indicators that we want to keep our eye on.


06. Adjust & Continue

The process never ends. As we see performance markers coming in, we make adjustments as needed to our tactics to maximize our efforts. As goals are reached and campaigns come to a close, we return to the beginning and evaluate the next steps.

Checked in

Social media marketing
starting at $645 +gst per month.

10 published posts

Includes 2 reels or tiktoks

copywriting, tagging, and hashtags

1 hour brand photography, video, & Design session

45 minute strategy session

monthly marketing calendar

This Plan Is Ideal for you if:

  • you want to supplement professionally created content with your own content
  • you are either just getting started on social media or you have an established marketing plan and need a helping hand posting consistently


Social media marketing
starting at $1095 +gst per month.

20 published posts

Includes 4 reels​ or tiktoks

copywriting, tagging, and hashtags

2 hour brand photography, video, & Design session​

45 minute strategy & review session

monthly marketing calendar

This Plan Is Ideal for you if:

  • you want your business or personal brand to be actively present and growing on social media
  • you are ready to take a step back from marketing to spend your time on your business


Social media marketing
starting at $1795 +gst per month.

30 published posts

Includes 6 reels or tiktoks

10 custom stories

copywriting, tagging, and hashtags

3 hour brand photography, video, & Design session​ or2 1.5 hour sessions

45 minute strategy & Review session

monthly marketing calendar

This Plan Is Ideal for you if:

  • you want to see a high level of engagement and activity on your social media that leads to overall business growth and brand awareness
  • you want to focus on managing your business

EntrePreneurs and
Personal Brands

Utilize a marketing strategy or social media content calendar created by marketing professionals specifically for your brand and implement it yourself.

If you’ve already been at it on social media a while, a social media audit will also help determine what you can do to improve your marketing and grow your business.

A social media marketing strategy will help you outline a clear plan based on what you want to accomplish with your personal brand account.

A helping hand might be what you need and a social media manager will be able to help you free up your schedule.

Occasionally, it’s not the time that’s the issue and if you find you’re spending a lot of hours on your social media marketing but not seeing a big return, we’ll perform a social media audit to see if there’s anything that can be improved.

Consider starting with a social media audit to get a professional analysis of your current marketing strategy.

From there, adjust your social media marketing based off the results. Additionally, have a social media marketing strategy created for you to implment yourself or have a social media manager handle it for you.

Small Businesses
with Support Staff

Outsourcing a social media manager is a great way to manage a growing business without having to spend extra money on tools (or potential training) on top of the person you hire.

We’ll put together a plan that fits in with your budget and needs.

Starting with a social media audit helps with modifying your existing strategy and tactics. From there, you can improve your social media marketing yourself or we’ll create a social media marketing strategy for you.

If your sights are set on accomplishing more with your social media, consider outsourcing content creation or a social media manager that will work alongside you and your team.

Adding a content creator to your team will help keep your business’ social media consistent and efficient. We create strategic content and deliver it to you to use and post as you see fit.

The best place to get started when you find yourself saying ‘I have no content’ is a social media marketing strategy.

We’ll analyze your brand, offerings, and the resources you have at hand to get started with your social media marketing.

Preparing to Launch
New Businesses

Social media is a wonderful marketing channel to use and having a social media marketing strategy might be your missing link.

If you’re already online, we will get started with a social media audit to give you all your options moving forward.


We recommend adding a social media marketing strategy to your list of tools to launch your business and keep things moving forward.

A social media manager for a short term collaboration might also help you kick things off and once you’re out of those initial few months, you can continue on with you’re own strategy and managing your social media yourself.

Small Businesses With occassinal support or contractor help

If you find yourself:

  • posting lots on social media with little return through sales or leads
  • posting sporadically
  • unsure of what to post
  • feeling disconnected from what you do post


A social media marketing strategy might help. With a  plan in place, you might find that you don’t need to outsource social media help. However, if you have a strong strategy and still find yourself with the above dilemmas, a social media manager is ready for you.

Often, it’s about finding the right fit – for you and for us.

Great communication and transparency is a great foundation for an awesome working relationship. We like to get to know our clients expectations, working habits, preferred forms of communication and coffee order before  jumping into a social media contract together. This way, we get off on the right foot!

We completely agree, that’s why we offer flexible contracts for social media management alongside our other services.

Sometimes, all you might need is a social media marketing strategy to keep your social media consistent and useful throughout out the year. Then, as needed, bring on a content creator or social media manger to when you need to offload some work.