The visuals we create are dedicated to your marketing, not just a pretty feed.

This is where brand photography meets brand strategy.


It's about looking at your entire content marketing strategy, not just your portraits.

Don’t get us wrong. We love to see business owners and professionals getting comfortable in front of the camera. But we’re willing to bet your entire content marketing strategy doesn’t revolve around 30 photos of your face every month.

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This is usually what usually comes to mind when anyone thinks brand photos. Portraits are an amazing way for you and your team to build a relationship with your audience.

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Website Visuals

Intentionally planning content for your website rather than trying to see if the photos you have work with your design will elevate the experience your visitors and have a direct impact on your website marketing strategy.

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Social Media

Social media content is consumed differently than on your website or in print material, and—similar to your website—planning into this will give you a higher return on your investment into brand photography for your social media content.

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Video Content

Reel covers, live photos that can be utilized as b-roll content for your short form video—all of these are so useful to have on hand to make planning, scheduling, and publishing online a breeze.

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It's understanding who is going to be using these photos and how they need to use them.

Some brands solely focus on short form videos and social media content. For this, a smartphone sometimes gets the job done. For others, we spare no detail—from our gear to our lighting. Our clients need to be able to use the content they invest in, so we create in what works for your.

The Galleries

Social Media & Website Content for a Home Builder

For Matt’s content, the main focus was on the property, but we still wanted to add a personal touch. As a generally camera-shy  person (but a wonderful participant), we also wanted to make this comfortable and easy for them.

The photos were going to be used on both social media and their website, however, their website plays a significant role in their general marketing plan so we wanted to take that into account.

How we made this work:

  • in-motion photos of the builder walking through rooms
  • candid photos (well, slightly candid – we provided some direction and let them run with it) of real things happening in the home

The Galleries

Social Media & Website Content for a Speech Language Pathologist

For Lisa’s brand, we needed photos that would work will with the type of informational content she focused on sharing.

We had updated portraits and general stock photography on our to-do list.

How we made this work:

  • we shot at a location that offered a variety of scenes and an extra warmth than you might find in an office setting
  • we got creative with her photos, incorporating lots of items she uses on a regular basis to build up a bank of custom-to-her stock photography
  • Lisa followed a content calendar and we planned photos around what we knew she had planned for the coming months

The Galleries

Product Photography for Luxury Bath & Beauty Products

Mother Earth Essentials balances heavy website traffic will social collaborations with other brands. After going through a rebrand recently, their goal was to maintain a consistent, elegant, and personable aesthetic.

Using the product photos across the website, email campaigns, with brand collaborations, and across social media was an important factor in planning product shoots.

How we made this work:

  • we followed brand guidelines and recommendations to ensure all product photography would align with other visual aspects of the brand
  • we used a combination of different lightings to get creative with the minimal approach the brand wanted for product photography that would still be engaging and fun to share on social media
  • we included versions of products with highly staged backgrounds to incorporate an elegant and warm option for products
  • we put together a collection of brand consistent props to use in styled photography

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Social Media Content for Real Estate Agents

The team at Black Label Property Group has worked heavily on creating a warm, welcoming, and extremely consistent brand—in both the content itself and the visual representation.

For brand photography, the photos were geared towards providing behind-the-scenes and personable content on their social media.

How we made this work:

  • we used one of their properties as the location to add to the behind-the-scenes and candid feel
  • our brand photography shotlist was built around the content pillars and what we knew would be scheduled on social media
  • we used their branded lightroom preset in post-processing to ensure photos would align with their brand guidelines
  • content was kept casual and candid to avoid an overly polished look on their feed

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