Define Your Target Audience | Target Audience Workbook


This printable PDF workbook includes a combination of exploratory questions to guide you through defining your target audience:

  • Introduction
  • Your Business Overview (8 sections)
  • Identify Your Value Offer (3 sections)
  • Assess Your Audience, Part One (4 sections)
  • Assess Your Audience, Part Two (4 sections)
  • Walk Through the Buying Process (5 sections)

Each section prompts you to dive into your buyer profile. When you reach the end of the workbook, you will have documented and defined your target audience – this leaves you with an important tool to assist with your marketing planning and content creation.


This Target Audience Workbook is ideal for you if:

  • you find yourself posting on social media or marketing your business with few conversions
  • you’re not sure why you have so many website visitors that aren’t buying from you or booking with you
  • your engagement on social media and marketing channels is high but it’s not translating to sales
  • your website traffic¬†and social media marketing don’t see much growth
  • you struggle with creating content and wondering what to post


Note: this is a PDF calendar intended for printing, but can easily be edited with a PDF editor.