Create 6 Weeks of Content in 6 Days Workbook


This six day workbook is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers that have services, content, or products to offer.

Working through the brainstorming topics each day will guide you towards creating six weeks of calendar content. The accompanying notes will help you understand the process behind creating meaningful content to market your business.

This digital workbook is PDF fillable.

This workbook is designed to be completed as a 6 day challenge, however it is still a work-at-your-own-pace challenge. The idea between the 5 day completion time is to motivate the work to be done within a single work week, spread out daily to be able to be realistically completed in a way that fits within your schedule.

Going Through the Workbook

Set aside aside a bit of time each day to read through the topic notes then tackle the work pages. The workbook pages are PDF fillable.

Day One: People
Day Two: Business
Day Three: Brand
Day Four: Engagement
Day Five: You
Content Calendar: Putting it Together

Understanding the Calendar

After you have filled out your brainstorming pages, the calendar comes next. There are topics to post about each day for six weeks based on the content you create throughout your workbook. These are meant to guide you through your daily planning process, whether you want to preschedule your content or hit it day-by-day.

Posting & Scheduling Your Content

This is not a concrete plan. Using the calendar to plan daily posts for the next six weeks or spreading them out to fulfill a longer time period is completely up to you and what suits your business.

Recycling Content

All of the brainstorming you do within this workbook helps you build a foundation for your business content going forward. The daily topics are applicable in many types of situations for your marketing. After you’ve filled out the workbook, you can continue to build on the notes you made for future marketing needs.