A resource and community for businesses based in St. Albert


Launching June 2023, the Based in St Albert project will be an extension of our own blog where we feature brands, events, and local business promotions in the St. Albert area.


Alongside the blog and articles featuring St. Albert businesses, we will have a directory that is geared towards bringing brands together and getting them seen in the community.


To provide a space for businesses to learn, collaborate and grow together, we’ve created a private Facebook to host business and marketing conversations.

For businesses
based in St Albert.

We’re passionate about celebrating our local community and seeing hard-working businesses thrive. Based in St. Albert is geared up to launch June 2023 and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to.

If you head over to the website, you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter dedicated to keeping St. Albert business owners updated on this community. We’ll be sharing tips, resources, and and business features on a regular basis.

The directory & blog will be run by the Narrative team and we’re looking forward to sharing all that St. Albert has to offer.