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What if we told you that there's an easy for you to stop wondering what you're going to post next on social media?

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Social media marketing & management is a worthwhile investment for most small business owners. However, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing deal.

We specialize in working with businesses at any stage of marketing. This gives business owners like you the flexibility to invest in only what you need and when you need it, allowing you to manage growth for your brand yourself.

View product page: 30 Post Social Media Content Calendar

Our 30 Post Content Calendar takes the guess work out of what to post on social media. We put together a strategy-backed list of content ideas based on your business and marketing goals for you tackle on your own with your team.

Custom Service · $135

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These are not templated post ideas or content calendars (though we do love a good content bank).

The process is simple. You tell us a little about what you’re currently doing (even if it’s nothing – we don’t judge!) and what you want to be doing plus what you’d like to get out of your social media marketing. Then, we review your platforms and current digital marketing avenues to get an idea of where you’re at. Once we’ve collected your input and done our review, we put together ideas that we think would benefit your business and give value to your audience.

View product page: 30 Post Social Media Content Calendar

Purchase The Service

Select your industry and add the product to your cart to purchase the 30 Day Content Idea Calendar. After purchase, you’ll receive a PDF with a link to the form we’ll need you to fill out to send us your business information.

Fill Out the Form

This is where you can tell us about your business and what you want to accomplish with your social media calendar. We use this information to put together ideas for your calendar.

Let Us Do The Work

The post ideas we create for you through this service includes ideas specific to you and your industry. We include the content ideas themselves and media suggestions for accompanying visuals. Writing captions and any graphics or photos are left up to you.

Review your calendar

In a 30 minute zoom consultation, we go over the strategy behind your content ideas and answer any questions you may have about the suggested social media posts we put together for you.

Why pay for content ideas when you still need to put together the content itself?

Breaking Down the Pricing

Made-for-you social media content ideas are not for everyone and we get that! This service is ideal for you if:

  • you’re constantly wondering ‘what should I post?’
  • you post inconsistently throughout the month or year
  • you like an organized and planned out month or quarter
  • you don’t have an existing social media content plan
  • you’re comfortable creating your own content based off an outline

Content ideas are part of our monthly marketing services or social media management services. However, we know that all businesses are in different stages of growth and investing $500+ per month on a marketing pro is not in the plan for everyone.

This calendar gives business owners with smaller marketing budgets an opportunity to invest in their growth and marketing strategy.

View product page: 30 Post Social Media Content Calendar

Creating a custom content calendar

We take a few things into consideration when putting together these ideas. While we love having a bank of blog and social media posts, this calendar isn’t a catch-all solutions for all businesses. We take the time to go through your existing marketing and understand what you want to accomplish. Yes, all premade content calendars are translatable to your own industry and needs, but with this service, we’re doing that work for you.

We take a few things into consideration when putting together these ideas:

  • understanding your current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to social media – we want to take off the pressure off some of these existing marketing pain points
  • your target audience and the buyer journey; our post ideas cover all your bases when it comes to connecting with your audience
  • your goals with your social media account; if you’re looking to engage within apps, drive more people to your website, etc
Take a look at the Form

We collection your information in three quick steps:

The Calendar

The post dates are completely up to you, but we do outline our ideas in an actual calendar to help with your planning and visualizing your publishing dates.

  • select if you want your 30 post ideas to span across 1, 2 or 3 months
  • let us know when you would like your calendar to start: we recommend giving yourself a few weeks to put together your content after we send you your ideas


Your Business

We use all your existing platforms to get to know you – but don’t worry, if things aren’t up to date, just let us know in the form! We want to know about you, your team, and the people you want to connect with.


Your Social Media

Point form, paragraphs – whatever works! We want to get to know your marketing habits. We can also include ideas for current or upcoming promotions! Let us know everything in this section. You can even include links to any posts or content that has done well before!

Ready to take your social media posting to a new level?

If you’re not sure if 30 strategic content ideas are what you need right now, reach out on social media (@thisisyournarrative) or in an email for a sales-pitch-free chat about what might help market your small business.

View product page: 30 Post Social Media Content Calendar

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